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Display enrichments for an artifact.


usage: gto describe [-r <text>] [--rev <text>] [--type] [--path]
                    [--description] [-h]

  name             Artifact name


To get details about an artifact (from artifacts.yaml) use gto describe:

$ gto describe churn -r https://github.com/iterative/example-gto
    "type": "model",
    "path": "models/churn.pkl",
    "virtual": false

The output is in JSON format for ease of parsing programmatically.

Note, that for local repos the artifacts.yaml is read from the workspace without Git, so if you have uncommitted changes, they will be reflected in the output. If you want to read from specific commit, you need to specify --rev option.

You can also get annotation for specific versions (these are the same shortcuts as in gto show):

$ gto describe [email protected]  # highest version by SemVer
$ gto describe churn#dev     # version in stage `dev`
$ gto describe [email protected]  # version `v3.0.0`


  • -r <text>, --repo <text> - Local or remote repository [default: .]
  • --rev <text> - Repo revision to use
  • --type - Show type
  • --path - Show path
  • --description - Show description
  • -h, --help - Show this message and exit.

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