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class DockerContainer

MlemABC parent type: deployment

MlemABC type: docker_container

MlemDeployment implementation for docker containers


  • server: Server - Server to use

  • args: DockerBuildArgs = DockerBuildArgs() - Additional docker arguments

  • state_manager: StateManager - State manager used

  • container_name: str - Name to use for container

  • image: DockerImageOptions - Image configuration

  • rm: bool = True - Remove container on stop

class DockerContainerState

MlemABC parent type: deploy_state

MlemABC type: docker_container

State of docker container deployment


  • declaration: MlemDeployment (required) - Deployment declaration used

  • model_hash: str - Hash of deployed model meta

  • model_link: TypedMlemLink - Link to deployed model

  • image: DockerImage - Built image

  • container_name: str - Name of container

  • container_id: str - Started container id

class DockerEnv

MlemABC parent type: env

MlemABC type: docker

MlemEnv implementation for docker environment


  • registry: DockerRegistry = DockerRegistry() - Default registry to push images to

  • daemon: DockerDaemon = DockerDaemon() - Docker daemon parameters

class DockerBuildArgs

Container for DockerBuild arguments


  • python_version: str = "3.9.5" - Python version to use default: version of running interpreter

  • run_cmd: str = "sh run.sh" - command to run in container

  • package_install_cmd: str = "apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade && apt-get install --no-install-recommends -y" - command to install packages. Default is apt-get, change it for other package manager

  • package_clean_cmd: str = "&& apt-get clean && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*" - command to clean after package installation

  • mlem_whl: str - a path to mlem .whl file. If it is empty, mlem will be installed from pip

  • platform: str - platform to build docker for, see docs.docker.com/desktop/multi-arch/


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