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class K8sDeployment

MlemABC parent type: deployment

MlemABC type: kubernetes

MlemDeployment implementation for Kubernetes deployments


  • namespace: str = "mlem" - Namespace to create kubernetes resources such as pods, service in

  • image_name: str = "ml" - Name of the docker image to be deployed

  • image_uri: str = "ml:latest" - URI of the docker image to be deployed

  • image_pull_policy: ImagePullPolicy = "Always" - Image pull policy for the docker image to be deployed

  • port: int = 8080 - Port where the service should be available

  • service_type: ServiceType = NodePortService() - Type of service by which endpoints of the model are exposed

  • state_manager: StateManager - State manager used

  • server: Server - Type of Server to use, with options such as FastAPI, RabbitMQ etc.

  • registry: DockerRegistry = DockerRegistry() - Docker registry

  • daemon: DockerDaemon = DockerDaemon() - Docker daemon

  • kube_config_file_path: str - Path for kube config file of the cluster

class K8sDeploymentState

MlemABC parent type: deploy_state

MlemABC type: kubernetes

DeployState implementation for Kubernetes deployments


  • declaration: MlemDeployment (required) - Deployment declaration used

  • model_hash: str - Hash of deployed model meta

  • model_link: TypedMlemLink - Link to deployed model

  • image: DockerImage - Docker Image being used for Deployment

  • deployment_name: str - Name of Deployment

class K8sEnv

MlemABC parent type: env

MlemABC type: kubernetes

MlemEnv implementation for Kubernetes Environments


  • registry: DockerRegistry - Docker registry

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