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class HerokuDeployment

MlemABC parent type: deployment

MlemABC type: heroku

Heroku App


  • app_name: str (required) - Heroku application name

  • state_manager: StateManager - State manager used

  • region: str = "us" - Heroku region

  • stack: str = "container" - Stack to use

  • team: str - Heroku team

class HerokuEnv

MlemABC parent type: env

MlemABC type: heroku

Heroku Account


  • api_key: str - HEROKU_API_KEY - advised to set via env variable or heroku login

class HerokuState

MlemABC parent type: deploy_state

MlemABC type: heroku

State of heroku deployment


  • declaration: MlemDeployment (required) - Deployment declaration used

  • model_hash: str - Hash of deployed model meta

  • model_link: TypedMlemLink - Link to deployed model

  • app: HerokuAppMeta - Created heroku app

  • image: DockerImage - Built docker image


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