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A set of commands to set up and manage deployments


usage: mlem deployment [-h]

  remove           Stop and destroy deployed instance.
  status           Print status of deployed service.
  wait             Wait for status of deployed service
  apply            Apply a deployed model to data.
  run              Deploy a model to a target environment.


The deployment commands are used to manage the lifecycle of deployments along with giving access to methods of the deployed model.

A "deployment" is an application/service instance consisting of a server, serving a specific model, using a specific environment definition, and running on a target platform.

MLEM deployments allow applying methods and even whole datasets on models. Each model lists its supported methods in its .mlem metafile, and those are automatically used by MLEM to wire and expose endpoints on the application server upon deployment. Applying data on the deployment is a very handy shortcut of bulk inferring data on the served model.


  • -h, --help - Show this message and exit.


For examples, please refer to Get Started tutorial or the Deploying guide.


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