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Creates MlemLink for an source object and dumps it if target is provided.

def link(
    source: Union[str, MlemObject],
    source_project: Optional[str] = None,
    rev: Optional[str] = None,
    target: Optional[str] = None,
    target_project: Optional[str] = None,
    follow_links: bool = True,
    absolute: bool = False,
) -> MlemLink


import os
from mlem.api import link

model_path = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), "mymodel")
link_name = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), "latest")
link_obj = link(


This API is the underlying mechanism for the mlem link command and explicitly creates a MlemLink object from a source. This MlemLink object is dumped to a target (if provided). This allows us to refer objects (even remote ones) using their aliases for all future purposes.


  • source (required) - The object to create link from.
  • source_project (optional) - Path to mlem project where to load obj from
  • rev (optional) - Revision if object is stored in git repo.
  • target (optional) - Where to store the link object.
  • target_project (optional) - If provided,treat target as link name and dump link in MLEM DIR
  • follow_links (optional) - Whether to make link to the underlying objectif source is itself a link. Defaults to True.
  • absolute (optional) - Whether to make link absolute or relative to mlem project


MlemLink: Link object to the source.


  • MlemObjectNotSavedError - Thrown if we can't do something before we save MLEM object.


import os
from mlem.api import link, load_meta
from mlem.core.objects import MlemLink, MlemModel

model_path = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), "mymodel")
link_path = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), "latest.mlem")
link(model_path, target=link_path, external=True)
assert os.path.exists(link_path)
link_object = load_meta(link_path, follow_links=False)
assert isinstance(link_object, MlemLink)
model = load_meta(link_path)
assert isinstance(model, MlemModel)

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