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List different implementations available for a particular MLEM type. If a subtype is not provided, list all available MLEM types.


usage: mlem types [-h]
                  [abc] [sub_type]

  [abc]            Subtype to list implementations. List subtypes if not
  [sub_type]       Type of `meta` subtype


This command can be used to see all available MLEM object types (classes), or to list the different implementations available for a specific SUB_TYPE (argument).

This can be useful, for example, to see which types of servers are supported for hosting and serving a model (see Examples).

Check out MLEM ABCs for a list of abstract base classes that subclass mlem.core.base.MlemABC. These constitute the building blocks of MLEM, and can be subclassed to add new functionalities and capabilities.


  • -h, --help - Show this message and exit.


List MLEM abstract base classes

# List ABCs
$ mlem types

List available server implementations

$ mlem types server
['rmq', 'heroku', 'fastapi']

List configuration for a particular implementation

$ mlem types server fastapi
[not required] host: str = ""
[not required] port: int = 8080

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