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deployment apply

Apply a deployed model to data.


usage: mlem deployment apply [options] path data

PATH  Path to deployment meta  [required]
DATA  Path to data object  [required]


The deployment apply command lets us apply MLEM deployments (deployed models) to data (MLEM object). This means the server's method endpoints (such as predict by default) will be called with the given data and the outputs gathered and returned, also as a MLEM Object.


  • -p, --project TEXT: Path to MLEM project [default: (none)]
  • --rev TEXT: Repo revision to use [default: (none)]
  • --data-project, --dr TEXT: Project with data
  • --data-rev TEXT: Revision of data
  • -o, --output TEXT: Where to store the outputs.
  • --target-project, --tp TEXT: Project to save target to [default: (none)]
  • -m, --method TEXT: Which model method is to be applied [default: predict]
  • --index / --no-index: Whether to index output in .mlem directory
  • --json: Output as json
  • -h, --help: Show this message and exit.

Example: Apply a dataset on a deployed model

$ mlem deployment apply service_name mydata --method predict

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