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Create a link (read alias) for an existing MLEM Object, including from remote MLEM projects.


usage: mlem link [options] source target

SOURCE  URI of the object you are creating a link to  [required]
TARGET  Path to save link object  [required]


This command is used to create links to existing MLEM objects, which in turn allows you to refer to the object using the TARGET path in all future operations.

A common use-case is to create links for objects present in remote MLEM projects to incorporate them in the local workspace.


  • --source-project, --sp TEXT: Project for source object
  • --rev TEXT: Repo revision to use [default: (none)]
  • --target-project, --tp TEXT: Project to save target to [default: (none)]
  • -e, --external: Save result not in .mlem, but directly in project
  • --follow-links, --f / --no-follow-links, --nf: If True, first follow links while reading {source} before creating this link. [default: follow-links]
  • --absolute, --abs / --relative, --rel: Which path to linked object to specify: absolute or relative. [default: relative]
  • -h, --help: Show this message and exit.


Add a remote object to your local workspace (aka project) without copying it

$ mlem link rf --source-project https://github.com/iterative/example-mlem-get-started remote_model

The remote model can now be served with the link created above, using the command mlem serve remote_model fastapi.

Alias a local object with a different name

$ mlem link my_model latest

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