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Build models to create re-usable, ship-able entities such as a Docker image or Python package.


usage: mlem build [options] model [subtype]

MODEL      Path to model  [required]
[SUBTYPE]  Type of build. Choices: ['whl', 'pip', 'docker_dir', 'docker']


This command provides flexible options to create various distribution-ready release assets from your models, like pip-ready Python packages or Docker images.


  • -p, --project TEXT: Path to MLEM project [default: (none)]
  • --rev TEXT: Repo revision to use [default: (none)]
  • -l, --load TEXT: File to load builder config from
  • -c, --conf TEXT: Options for builder in format field.name=value
  • -f, --file_conf TEXT: File with options for builder in format field.name=path_to_config
  • -h, --help: Show this message and exit.


Build a Docker image from a model

$ mlem build mymodel docker --conf server.type=fastapi --conf image.name=myimage

Create a docker_dir builder config called build_dock, and use it to package a model

$ mlem declare builder docker_dir --conf server=fastapi --conf target=build build_dock

$ mlem build mymodel --load build_dock

For a detailed example using python-package, see the get-started guide building example.


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