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Declares a new MLEM Object MLEM Object from config args and config files.


usage: mlem declare [-h]
                    [<subtype> [subtype options] | --load <declaration>]

Builtin subtypes:
- builder
- client
- deployment
- docker_registry
- env
- server


.mlem metafiles can be created for MLEM Objects using this command. This is particularly useful for configuring environments and deployments.

Each MLEM Object, along with its subtype (which represents a particular implementation), will accept different configuration arguments. The list of configuration arguments per type can be fetched by running the mlem types command. Check out this example output.


  • -h, --help - Show this message and exit.


Declare an environment object metafile with a config key:

# Fetch all available config args for a heroku env
$ mlem types env heroku
[not required] api_key: str = None

# Declare the heroku env
$ mlem declare env heroku production --api_key mlem_heroku_staging
💾 Saving env to staging.mlem

# Print the contents of the new heroku env metafile
$ cat staging.mlem
api_key: mlem_heroku_staging
object_type: env
type: heroku

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