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Apply provided model against provided data.

def apply(
    model: Union[str, MlemModel, Any],
    *data: Union[str, MlemData, Any],
    method: str = None,
    output: str = None,
    target_project: str = None,
    batch_size: Optional[int] = None,
) -> Optional[Any]


from mlem.api import apply

y_pred = apply("rf", "data", method="predict_proba")


This API is the underlying mechanism for the mlem apply command and facilitates running inferences on entire datasets. The API applies i.e. calls a model's method (eg: predict) and returns the output (as a MLEM object) while also saving it if required.


  • model (required) - MLEM model.
  • data (required) - Input to the model.
  • method (optional) - Which model method to use.If None, use the only method model has.If more than one is available, will fail.
  • output (optional) - If value is provided,assume it's path and save output there.
  • target_project (optional) - Path to MLEM project to save the result to.
  • batch_size (optional) - If provided, will process data in batches of given size.


If output=None, returns results for given data. Otherwise returns None.


  • WrongMethodError - Thrown if wrong method name for model is provided
  • NotImplementedError - Saving several input data objects is not implemented yet


from numpy import ndarray
from sklearn.datasets import load_iris
from sklearn.tree import DecisionTreeClassifier
from mlem.core.objects import MlemData, MlemModel
from mlem.api import apply

train, target = load_iris(return_X_y=True)
model = DecisionTreeClassifier().fit(train, target)
d = MlemData.from_data(train)
m = MlemModel.from_obj(model)
res = apply(m, d, method="predict")
assert isinstance(res, ndarray)

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