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class LightGBMDataReader

MlemABC parent type: data_reader

MlemABC type: lightgbm

Wrapper reader for lightgbm.Dataset objects


  • data_type: LightGBMDataType (required) - Resulting data type

  • inner: DataReader (required) - DataReader of Inner

  • labels: DataReader - DataReader of Labels

class LightGBMDataType

MlemABC parent type: data_type

MlemABC type: lightgbm

:class:`.DataType` implementation for `lightgbm.Dataset` type

:param inner: :class:`.DataType` instance for underlying data
:param labels: :class:`.DataType` instance for underlying labels


  • inner: DataType (required) - DataType of Inner

  • labels: DataType - DataType of Labels

class LightGBMDataWriter

MlemABC parent type: data_writer

MlemABC type: lightgbm

Wrapper writer for lightgbm.Dataset objects

No fields


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