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class SagemakerDeployState

MlemABC parent type: deploy_state

MlemABC type: sagemaker

State of SageMaker deployment


  • declaration: MlemDeployment (required) - Deployment declaration used

  • model_hash: str - Hash of deployed model meta

  • model_link: TypedMlemLink - Link to deployed model

  • image: DockerImage - Built image

  • image_tag: str - Built image tag

  • model_location: str - Location of uploaded model

  • endpoint_name: str - Name of SageMaker endpoint

  • endpoint_model_hash: str - Hash of deployed model

  • method_signature: Signature - Signature of deployed method

  • region: str - AWS Region

  • previous: SagemakerDeployState - Previous state

class SagemakerDeployment

MlemABC parent type: deployment

MlemABC type: sagemaker

SageMaker Deployment


  • state_manager: StateManager - State manager used

  • method: str = "predict" - Model method to be deployed

  • image_tag: str - Name of the docker image to use

  • use_prebuilt: bool = False - Use pre-built docker image. If True, image_name should be set

  • model_arch_location: str - Path on s3 to store model archive (excluding bucket)

  • model_name: str - Name for SageMaker Model

  • endpoint_name: str - Name for SageMaker Endpoint

  • initial_instance_count: int = 1 - Initial instance count for Endpoint

  • instance_type: str = "ml.t2.medium" - Instance type for Endpoint

  • accelerator_type: str - The size of the Elastic Inference (EI) instance to use

class SagemakerEnv

MlemABC parent type: env

MlemABC type: sagemaker

SageMaker environment


  • role: str - Default role

  • account: str - Default account

  • region: str - Default region

  • bucket: str - Default bucket

  • profile: str - Default profile

  • ecr_repository: str - Default ECR repository


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