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Ways to set

MLEM uses .mlem.yaml file to load configuration from, but it can be overridden (or set) via corresponding env variable with MLEM_ prefix.

Also, mlem config allows you to manipulate config.


  • additional_extensions - comma-separated list of extension modules to force-load on MLEM import. None by default
  • autoload_exts - turn on dynamic extension loading. Default: True
  • debug - whether to run MLEM in debug mode; Sets log_level to DEBUG. Default: False
  • default_external - whether to save objects as external by default. Default value: False
  • default_storage - where to store saved artifacts by default. Should be a serialized Storage instance. The default is LocalStorage, which means "save artifacts locally".
  • emojis - whether to show 🖇️🦉🤩🇪🇲🅾️🇯ℹ️🇸🤩🦉🖇️ in CLI output. Default: ✅
  • log_level - logging level to use. Default: INFO
  • no_analytics - whether to stop collecting usage telemetry. Default: False
  • state - allows you to set the uri for a remote state manager.

Extension config

Different MLEM extensions can provide additional options that you also can set via .mlem.yaml file. Please refer to corresponding extension documentation.


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