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Initialize a MLEM project.


usage: mlem init [options] [path]

[path]      Location (file path or URL) to initialize a MLEM project


This creates a .mlem/ directory and an empty config.yaml file in the desired project path, which defaults to the current working directory (.).

The existence of a valid .mlem/ directory in any location (including remote) enables all of MLEM's functions. Specifically, it allows for storing references to MLEM objects found in the project (required by mlem list) as well as to integrate with DVC.

We recommend initializing MLEM projects inside Git repositories to track changes and manage them using standard Git workflows.


  • -h, --help: Show this message and exit.


Default Initialization (current working directory)

$ mlem init

Initialization to a specified local path

$ mlem init some/local/path

Initialization in a remote S3 bucket

$ mlem init s3://bucket/path/in/cloud

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