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Initialize a MLEM project.


usage: mlem init [options] [path]

arguments: [PATH] Where to init project


The init command (without given path) defaults to the current directory for the path argument. This creates a .mlem/ directory and an empty config.yaml file inside it.

Although we recommend using MLEM within a Git repository to track changes using the standard Git workflows, this is not required. The existence of a .mlem/ directory in any path (including remote) constitutes a MLEM project, and MLEM will be fully functional even without incorporating Git in one's workflow.


  • -h, --help: Show this message and exit.


Default Initialization (current working directory)

$ mlem init

Initialization to a specified local path

$ mlem init some/local/path

Initialization in a remote S3 bucket

$ mlem init s3://bucket/path/in/cloud

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