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GTO with DVC

Large files are typically not stored in a Git repository, so they need to be downloaded from external sources. DVC is a great way to store your GTO artifact files while keeping a pointer in the repo, and simplifying data management and synchronization.

If you're new to DVC, get started here first.

Tracking an artifact with DVC

First, we need to start tracking artifact with DVC. If you produce this artifact in DVC Pipelines, it's done automatically.

If the artifact is located inside your Git repo, you can use dvc add:

$ dvc add model.pkl
$ git add model.pkl.dvc

If the artifact is located in some external storage, we can use dvc import-url to still keep metainformation about it in the repo (use --no-download to skip downloading it):

$ dvc import-url --no-download s3://container/model.pkl
$ git add model.pkl.dvc

Annotating DVC-tracked artifacts

Once the artifact is tracked with DVC within your repo, we can annotate it with GTO:

$ gto annotate model --path model.pkl

This will write the following to artifacts.yaml:

  path: model.pkl

Commit the changes to Git in order to gto register artifact versions and gto assign them to deployment stages referencing the new commit.

$ git add artifacts.yaml
$ git commit -m "version artifact binaries with DVC and annotate it with GTO"

To share your work, you'll need remote storage setup in DVC. You can then upload the artifact files and the changes to the repo:

$ dvc push
$ git push

Downloading artifacts

To download GTO artifact files tracked with DVC, you can use the dvc get or dvc import commands (or simply use dvc pull if you cd inside the repo).


Check out User Guide to learn how to find out ARTIFACT_PATH and REVISION.

If you need to download the latest version of model, that would be:

$ ARTIFACT_PATH=$(gto describe --repo $REPO [email protected] --path)
$ REVISION=$(gto show --repo $REPO [email protected] --ref)

If you need to download an artifact from the same repo, that would be a bit simpler (taking GH Actions as an example):

$ ARTIFACT_PATH=$(gto describe model --rev $GITHUB_REF --path)
$ dvc pull $ARTIFACT_PATH

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