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List MLEM objects inside a MLEM project (location should be initialized).

Aliased to mlem ls


usage: mlem list [options] [project]

arguments: [PROJECT] Project to list from [default: (current directory)]


Produces a view of the MLEM project listing MLEM objects like models, datasets, and links.

Running the command without an explicit project argument defaults to the current working directory. The project argument can take a local path, or point to a remote repository (e.g. GitHub).

This command also supports additional options, allowing filtering of MLEM Objects by type, producing JSON output, selectively displaying links and choosing a particular revision in case of remote repositories.


  • -t, --type [all|link|model|dataset|env|deployment|packager]: Type of objects to list [default: all]
  • --rev TEXT: Repo revision to use [default: (none)]
  • +l, --links / -l, --no-links: Whether to include links [default: +l]
  • --json: Output as json
  • --help: Show this message and exit.


List MLEM objects on a remote GitHub repository

$ mlem list https://github.com/iterative/example-mlem-get-started
- rf
- iris.csv

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